Our customers are the greatest!!!
 Here's what they're saying about us. We appreciate all of your comments.


We received our custom tiki sign in the mail yesterday and we've been marveling at it ever since!
It's absolutely perfect; after admiring Pariarts' work for so long, Brandon and I had high hopes
for the final product, but this exceeded even our expectations.
The attention to detail and obvious talent that went into its crafting is stunning.
Thank you, again -- both for the beautiful sign itself as well as the friendly and professional
manner in which you conducted yourself. I'm completely satisfied with the experience;
I would definitely recommend Pariarts to anyone interested in custom signs
(and already have, in fact!), and both Brandon and I hope that you're still making signs
in a few years so we can order another tiki sign once we have an addition or two to our family. ;)

In the meantime, the sign looks just wonderful. It and adds such a fun, personal touch to our
home; We couldn't be happier.
Mahalo plenty!
Jess Allen
Kissimmee, FL

   "Received the Tiki Lounge sign.  It looks awesome in my tiki lounge!
 Exquisite work and exceptional service are obvious cornerstones of
 your business.  Thank you so much."
 Mike Simenstad
 San Rafael, CA.
"Wow. what an amazing sign! Thank you so much."
Christine Moore
Rumson, NJ
"I visited your website and was absolutely enchanted!  I think I'll visit again.....
 it's like a mini-vacation!"
Laura Jenkins
Sylmar, CA
"Another satisfied customer!"
Darin Fukunaga
Honolulu, Hawaii
"I just wanted to let you know that we just got our sign here at
 mundayMorning Creative Group and it is AMAZING!! We have just about got our
 Tiki Bar put together and this will be the cherry on top! Being in the creative
 business I can truly appreciate both attention to detail and craftsmanship and
 your work in both is top notch!!!!"
 Thanks again...we will truly enjoy..GREAT JOB!
mundayMorning Creative Group
Addison, TX
"I love my personalized Tiki Bar sign! It's so cool and will add so much to my bar
 area! You guys are great!"
Heidi Miller
Studio City, CA
"My fantastic sign arrived today and its perfect! I love it! You've done a fantastic job.
I couldn't be happier with it."
Darrel Rooney
Glendale, CA
"Thanks so much for this - I'm thrilled with it, and so is my wife! I surprised her with
 the sign and she loves it. We've already hung it in the vestibule entrance to our
 bedroom, and it looks great. I feel like I'm entering a new tiki attraction at
Lee Unkrich
San Rafael, CA
"Thank you for the recent Personalized Tiki Garden Plaque I ordered for my husband.
 He loves it.  My husband has already placed a light to "show-off" the plaque.  All of
 our friends are envious!!!!"
Elizabeth Mendez
Napa, CA
"Thanks so much!!! We received the sign yesterday and both of us are very pleased.
 Thanks for all the hard work."
Aaron Brashear
Booklyn, NY
"I just got  my Tiki Bar sign.  I LOVE IT!  You're both so talented.  I couldn't have asked
 for anything nicer. Thanks again!"
Collen Ryan
Mount Laurel, NJ
"I got my TIKI sign yesterday and am absolutely thrilled! It is fabulous! I can't say
 enough good things about it!! I may have to order another!
 Thank you so much!!!"
Sally Shotwell
Ramrod Key, FL
 "We received our sign and we LOVE it!! Thanks for all of your work.
I'm sure you will be hearing from me again for future purchases."
Karen Adams
Lakeville, MA
"Oh Pariarts!
 David and I just love our new plaque.  We constantly get comments on it!  It has
 transformed our home into the showplace of the southland!  Thank you so much
 for this most creative endeavor.  We will always hold Pariarts high in our hearts!!!"
Neil Engle
Woodland Hills, CA
"Got the sign this weekend and can not tell you how happy I am with
 it. It's amazing how an idea and a sketch comes to reality and in my
Paul Cannavale
Staten Island, NY
"I love your site it is so Colorful and FUN!! Congratulations on doing something
 you both love and accomplishing something that was a dream for the both of
Nichol Morgan
Altadena, CA
"I just got the sign and I love it!  You guys did a great job!  I can't
 wait to put it up. Thanks for all your work."
Kip Hanks
Smyrna, GA
 over to see it and they were astounded at how beautiful the art work is!!!
Rosalie Tanaka
Breezy Point, NY
"Magnificent!!!  It's absolutely fantastic!  Thank you for your wonderful
 work on my piece."
Kenneth Such
Des Plaines, IL
 "The sign was delivered.  We love it!  Thanks for everything that you did when it
 was thought that the package might be lost.  We appreciate the way in which you
 and your company handled things.  Kudos for great customer service."
Wendy Datan
Simi Valley, CA
"The sign is UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!  I just love it and I cant wait to get it
 hung. Thanks!"
Heather Sievers
Fountain Valley, CA
 "We had a great time at our Luau and everyone complimented us on the sign.
 Thanks so much."
Stu & Michelle Serrott
Miami, FL
"Just wanted to let you know that the sign arrived yesterday and it looks
 FANTASTIC! We have it hanging in our kitchen since we have a tropical / tiki
 theme, and we absolutely love it. The design and workmanship are excellent,
 and we thank you very much."
Joan and Jim Richter
Fayetteville, NC
 "We received the tiki bar sign today.  It is absolutely gorgeous.  It looks even
 more exquisite in person! We absolutely love it!!! Your work is impeccable!!
 We can't say enough about it!! Thanks so much for all your help in creating
 our custom Tiki Bar sign."
 Janet Rosenberg
 Hicksville, NY
"VERY HAPPY with the sign! GREAT JOB!!!!
 Thanks so much, we are going to take pics
 and post it on www.schwinntalk.com"
 David De La Garza
 El Centro, CA
 "Well Guys, what can I say. You have exceeded my expectations!  Almost makes
 me want to stay in Sacramento to be near your most excellent TALENT & AURA.
 I showed both sketches to George and he said,  "How did they do that? Captured
 my favorite Blue Hawaiian, shirt, and sandles". Not to mention the fact that I LOVE
 Vino Tinto!"
 Drena May
 Sacramento, CA
"I LOVE my sign - thanks so much - it is absolutely PERFECT!!!!!
 Caroline Roe
 Racine, WI
"Hi all at Pariarts - your signs are the greatest. 
 I purchased one for my fiancé last year and it is beautiful."
 Teri Patterson
 Los Angeles, CA
"I just got my sign. It's awesome! Much better than I even expected!
 Thanks so much! I will definitly refer you guys to my friends and
 keep you in mind for other great signs for my house!!!
 Thanks again!"
 Nicole Ernst
 Bonita Springs, FL
"I received the Tiki sign today and I'm so excited!!! 
 I absolutely love it, and I know it will go off as the coolest
 gift received this xmas. 
 It will be perfect for my husband to put in our soon-to-be new
 bar---nice finishing touch!!!
 Thank you SO MUCH, I'm so thrilled with your product!!
 Happy Holidays to you."
 Nicole Blood
 Brunswick, ME
"I received my sign this morning. Looks great! MMM smells good too.
 I'm in awe of your paintbrush control
 Thanks for the great work! Or should I say "gracias, amigo!". Makes me
 want to have a margarita.
 Gregory Harsh
 Newark, CA
"Wow....Thank you very much. 
 You have excellent production time!  This willreally mean alot to my dad,
 who just built an entire tiki bar in the backyard!" 
 Krissy McNair
 Orange, CA
"Thank you very much.  Pariarts has been absolutely fantastic to work with.
  Thanks also for the wrapping, that was a suprise bonus! 
 I can't wait for my parents to get it.  I think they will love it as much as I do.
 I can't send thanks enough, I'll just drop your name a lot.  In fact, I like you
 so much you may hear from me again in the future.
 Wishing Pariarts Happy Holidays,"
 Becky Fisk
 Lindborg, KS
"I just wanted to let you know I finally had a chance to get out to the Post
 Office and pick up my new sign.  It is absolutely beyond my expectations!!
 I love it!  You and Richard have done a wonderful job and I have truly
 enjoyed doing business you.
 Thank you, thank you, thank you."
 Meg Haney
 Greenvill, SC
"Well, we finally finished constructio.n of the tiki hut and declaired the
 official opening of our own personal paradise by unvailing and hanging
 our sign from Pariarts. 
 My husband had not seen it (I wanted it to be a surprise)...you should
 have seen his face.  He abosolutely LOVED it!! 
 So did the neighbors, what a hoot!  Everyone wanted to know where I
 had purchased such a fabolulous work of art.
 Meg Haney
 Greenvill, SC
"Boy, is everybody here impressed! The sign arrived -- very very cool!
 Thank you for creating such an beautiful piece of original art!"
 Ted Wells
 Los Angeles, CA
"I received the Tiki Sign you made for me and I just wanted to let you know
that it looks great. 
Thank you very much for your work.  Your sign was a hit with the recipient."
Natalie Bustillo
Redondo Beach, CA
"I wanted to let you know that I got the sign for Jackson and Crows Tiki Hideaway
and I love it. Thanks so much for getting it to us.
   We couldnt be more pleased and we truly appreciate your talent. 
Feel free to use the sign on your site (Im a little biased, but I think it is almost
the cutest one!)"
Jacqui Renager
Virginia Beach, VA
 "WoW! The sign is grrreeeaaaat!
Thanks again, I just love it!"
Jaynie Falduto
South Barrington, IL
"I'm a cartoonist in Maine. I came across your site looking for Tiki designs
 and I just wanted to say how impressed I was with your work. It's obviously
 a labor of love!"
 Dan Edwards
"Great communication!  The signs came out better than expected. Awesome!!!! 
 Thank you so much for your special attention and prompt service. I can't
 wait to put Tiki Tea into production."
 Scott Boyers
 Boston, MA
"We received the sign! Very cool -- good work!"
Pete Docter
Peidmont, CA

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